Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Virtual Author Visit How-To Brochure from Random House Children's Books

The fine folks over at Random House Children's Books created this great brochure about connecting with authors via video chat services, like Skype. Download it here. They interviewed Daniel Rolo, a teacher from Catham, Ontario, and me about the experience of my visiting his classroom virtually.

Last week I had the pleasure of zooming into St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Maryland where librarian Anne Macdonell donned a Lunch Lady costume and her students and I had a snappy conversation about writing, illustrating, reading and creativity. The students had already viewed the lecture videos that I provide on a password protected website, so they had lots of questions!

Here's what the chat looked like from my view:

After our video chat,  I sent Ms. Macdonell signed book plates and the drawing that I drew in our video chat. Not only do the students get a physical reminder of our interaction, the schools are also welcome to photocopy the drawing for each student.

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