Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, now on bookshelves!

And excuse me as I brush my shoulders off, but as you read Ms. Birdsall's latest, see if you can spot the references to the Krosoczka family she hid in the book. You'll find a reference to my wife, Gina, and me, a reference to our daughter, Zoe, and a reference to Pig of Punk Farm.

Imagine our surprise when Jeanne dropped off an advanced copy a few months back. She's a sneaky one, as she's known about this for months and months and saved the surprise for the printed page. We were and are beyond honored, beyond thrilled and beyond stunned to have a place amongst the Penderwick sisters.

Click here to learn more about P3!

And click here to listen to a great radio chat with Jeanne and our pal Monte Belmonte from WRSI The River.


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