Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What was one of the best days of my professional life

Hamilton Elementary completely blew me away with what they called "JJK Day". I have visited so many wonderful schools so far in 2011 and would blog about each of them if I was more organized and if deadlines didn't sometimes get the best of me. But I'd be remiss if I didn't share some pictures and videos of what Jennifer Lucas did over at Hamilton El in Houston, TX. She created "JJK Day", which was an end of the year celebration and classrooms needed to win their way into the presentations. Kids worked together to make the most amazing videos! And Jennifer and her library aide even donned their Lunch Lady and Betty costumes for the day!

Check out the decorations put up around the school:


And the craziest part of the day—it almost didn't happen! It was scheduled for February 4th. I was in Houston for the week, but with the impending "snow storm", school had been canceled preemptively. Luckily, it all worked out with schedules for me to return to Houston for this awesome day!

Here are some of the videos that were made for the contest:

Check out all of my characters moshing to Punk Farm!

A dramatic retelling of Annie Was Warned:

A Lunch Lady play:

A Punk Farm / Baghead puppet show:

And there are more! Check out all of them at my YouTube channel:


Katie said...

Jennifer Lucas is one of the best librarians I have ever known; in fact, she is who inspired me to become a librarian. What a wonderful celebration for a wonderful author!

Jennifer Lucas said...

Wow, thanks for the amazing post! Here we are weeks after your visit and we still have to do a lottery for who gets to check out a JJK book. Your website made it easy for all teachers to get the kids excited about your visit. Thank you for making each student feel so special while you were here and we are anxiously awaiting the results of the Children's Choice Book Awards as well as Lunch Lady #6!
:) Jennifer Lucas

Jewels said...

Jennifer is truly amazing! She is constantly creating new ways for her students to get excited about reading!

Erik Brooks said...

Great stuff! Obviously a rich source to draw upon and kudos to those teachers and librarians for truly going beyond the books in fantastic fashion.

Grand Poobah said...

I've watched Jen excel as a middle school librarian, high school librarian, and now elementary school librarian. She is so talented, and obviously student-centered. She's the best!!!