Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jeanne Birdsall on the radio

Listen to Mizz Birdsall talk all things Penderwicks, The National Book Award, and her appearance at this Saturday's Meltdown. Want a sneak-peak at Penderwicks #3, which doesn't come out until May? She'll be reading from the book at Meltdown at 1:40PM!


Faith Pray said...

Okay, probably not cool to gush over Jeanne Birdsall the first time I comment on your blog. So I'll gush over you AND Jeanne Birdsall. Much love to be had for the Penderwick and Krosoczka books in my home.

jjk said...

Praise for Jeanne is ALWAYS welcome! She is amazing all around--as an artist and as a person!

And thank you for the kind words on my books, too!