Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Little d Literary Award

I am beyond honored to have had Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute awarded the Little d Literary Award. This award is voted on by a committee that consists of librarians and kids in the Upper Hudson Library system and recognizes humorous works. This is also such a special recognition because it was created in honor of Denise McCoy, a passionate advocate of children's literature. This is from the Little d's website:

The award was established to honor the beloved local independent bookstore owner Denise (denise) McCoy who preferred to spell her name with a little “d” hence the award title. Denise was a strong advocate for children’s literacy and more than one third of her shop was allocated to children’s books. Denise was also involved in the literary portion of the 15-Love Program, the Book Power Club and is fondly remembered for her inspired readings to the children, particularly humorous books, which she adored, having an incredible sense of humor herself. Denise passed away suddenly in 2003. The Little d Award commemorates denise’s legacy for improving children’s literacy along with her fine humor.

I'll be in Albany, NY on Wednesday, November 10th for some activities surrounding the award.

At 11AM, I'll be signing books at The Little Bookhouse.

And then from 6-8PM, I will be receiving the award at the Fort Orange Club. (This is a ticketed event, which benefits the  Denise McCoy Scholarship Fund and literacy programs throughout the Upper Hudson area. Tickets can be purchased at the door.)

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