Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PF Library Mural

School has been out for summer, but when I was visiting Warner Elementary in Houston last spring, I was delighted to learn that librarian Regina Moss included Punk Farm in their library's mural. What an honor! I would say, their mural quite literally ROCKS!


Gina said...

I can't believe you just posted this picture this morning! I just happen to logon looking for pictures of your big Times Square advertisement, and I see my library! Too Cool! Yes, I have to say, Warner Elementary ROCKS everyday! Thanks for posting it!

Christina Rodriguez said...

Indeed, an awesome mural!

Anonymous said...

That was a special day at Warner. When you showed my fourth graders the graphic organizer that you had used to do your first Lunch Lady book, they gasped. It was the same one we had been using all year. For the whole rest of the year I heard, "Real writers use this." It was easy to convince them that they were real writers too. Thanks for the great example!!