Monday, April 19, 2010

TLA 2010

It was like a Hall of Fame of librarians at TLA 2010. (I visit a lot of schools in Texas and it seems like nearly every librarian I ever met was there!) Thank you to all who came out to the graphic novel panel on Friday. I was lucky enough to share the stage with the amazing talents of Shanon Hale and Jenni Holm. It was a great time in San Antonio with old and new librarian, author and publishing friends.

Here I am with Shannon and Jenni:

Here are a few pictures of our trip taken in the four hours that it didn't rain:

The beautiful River Walk:

The Alamo:

I mentioned to a few people that we were going to
tour the basement, to which they would respond, "I didn't know
the Alamo had a basement." Of course, this was a reference to Pee Wee's
Big Adventure.
I've been waiting all my life to crack that joke...

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