Thursday, April 22, 2010

back at the RISD

I had a great afternoon yesterday giving a talk to the seniors in the illustration department at Rhode Island School of Design. It's always great to be back on College Hill. And always great to see former professors, like Mary Jane Begin and Oren Sherman.

Grace Lin and I both gave a presentation on marketing oneself. We were both amazed that the students already knew so much about the 'biz.

Here's a pic of Grace and I on the hill:

And here are some pics of the ISB (Illustration Studies Building) where I spent my college days. (As did many book illustrators, like Grace, Anna Alter, Kelly Murphy, Brian Selznik David Weisner and many more.)


Courtney Autumn Martin said...

There's nothing better than RISD in the spring! I sure do miss the good ol' ISB. But I don't so much miss climbing that hill everyday :)

You & Ms. Lin must have a been a great combination. I remember when you spoke to my class (2006, I believe). Your talk was very motivating, especially when it came to pure, determined self-promotion--something too many illustrators are unfortunately rather bad at! We can all learn a thing or two from your dedication!


Christina Rodriguez said...

I wish you two had been able to visit my graduating class back in the day!

jjk said...

Thanks Courtney and Christina! It's always so great getting back to RISD and I love speaking to the students there. When I first got to RISD, I was pretty miserable and ready to leave. It was the alumni who would come back to speak that kept me there, and I will be eternally grateful for that!