Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PF on Tour Posters by Kids

On a recent visit to Klein, TX, I stopped by Kuehnle Elementary. The school library hosted a poster contest where the students had to guess where Punk Farm would travel to next on their tour. Check out the awesome results below. And check out the school's website to see the posters on display, as well as the cool luncheon held for the winners.

PF of course went to Old McDona'd's farm:

PF also stopped by Hawaii:

PF traveled to Italy:

PF rocked the Eiffel Tower:

In their waning years, they had a stint in Vegas:

PF played quite a few shows in DC:

PF stopped by St. Louis:

PF played the school that was hosting me:

PF rocked like an Egyptian:

The first animal band to play while on a doomed raft,
PF played Niagara Falls:

And PF rocks out Mardis Gras style in New Orleans:

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