Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Frisco Reads

I have had the great pleasure of visiting with 28 (count 'em...28!) elementary schools in Frisco, TX. What a wonderful community filled with great students, great teachers and of course great librarians! (Not to mention great Mexican food and great BBQ. . .) I'm just wrapping up my final days in Frisco. (Everyone was very understanding when I needed to reschedule those last few days when the CBS opportunity popped up. Thank you so much to everyone!)

Every year, the Frisco school system hosts an author on a district level and the author visits are planned around Frisco Reads. Frisco Reads is a remarkable evening filled not only with additional author presentations, but events for the whole family. My favorite program that was offered to the community was a session for dads that talked about how important it is to read to your babies. I've been reading to Zoe since the very start and it is such a powerful bonding experience.

Frisco Reads brought in about 700 people, a remarkable accomplishment. To read more about the program, check out this article in the Star Local News. I hope it can serve as an inspiration for you to host a similar event in your community.

Here are some pictures from the evening:

This picture of the Frisco librarians represents a small fraction of the
librarians that I met during my time here. Fifteen years ago, this town had
one elementary school. Next year, there will be thirty!

Thank you to everyone for a great evening at Frisco Reads!

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