Monday, September 28, 2009

Loren Long & Peter McCarty @ the Decatur Book Festival

The family and I had the honor of hanging out with Loren Long at the Decatur Book Festival. We got to know him really well when our shuttle van from the airport broke down. (I was disappointed to learn that Loren wasn't able to fix the van. Come on, Trucktown! However, Loren did offer to draw a picture of the van personified.) Loren is as awesome a guy as his work would lead you to believe. Top notch all around. Those in attendance at the DBF were treated to a debut reading of his new book Otis, which is out now. Wow! What a great book! You should definitely check it out. Here are some pictures of Loren doing his thing on stage:

And here is a picture of Loren and myself with Peter McCarty. I hadn't known Peter would be at the festival. Peter is a great guy, too. Have you seen his new book, Jeremy Draws a Monster? I love the book. It's great fun and a bit of a departure in style for Peter. I guess it had been a while since I've seen Peter because he was not only shocked to see me there with a baby, but also a wife.

Finally, here is a video of Loren talking about Otis. After you watch it, you'll want to be Loren's friend too!

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