Monday, June 08, 2009

JJK and the NFL?

The Cleveland Browns teamed up with their local library system and created a series of videos of players reading from children's books. Here is Josh Cribbs, Wide Receiver and Kick Returner, reading Punk Farm.

This may come as to a surprise to everyone, but I was never much of a football player. I think I played on the schoolyard once and broke my arm.



BJW said...

Awesome. I love how he gets into the song, then freezes as he shows the illustrations. Pretty cool.

Oh and you are very talented. Good job, look forward to reading the Lunch Lady adventures. Though when I see the cover I keep hearing Adam Sandler's lunch lady song in my head with Chris Farley dancing around him from Saturday Night Live.

melea said...

I LOVE it! I can't wait to show this to my students on my new SMART board when school starts.
Is there going to be another installment in the Punk Farm saga? My students wanted to know last year how many of the books are there, and could I get them ALL.

jjk said...

thanks bjw!

and melea -- i hope your students get a kick out of this! (pun not intended) as of right now there are 2 PF books. perhaps there will be more....