Thursday, March 26, 2009

event at Shepard Fairey exhibit

This Saturday morning, I will be reading Punk Farm and talking about it's inception at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston in conjunction with their Shepard Fairey exhibit. "Supply and Demand" is the first major museum retrospective of Shepard's work. As you may know, I reference Shep's Obey campaign in both Punk Farm books and even made a Pig sticker that paid homage to the Obey stickers. Shepard is a good friend and his star has continued to rise over the years with each new project. I am honored to play a small part in this exhibit.

Check out the full information here. My presentation begins at 10 AM and families can spend the rest of the day viewing the exhibition and making Punk Farm themed art with the museum staff.

(Also this Saturday for those of you who live in Western Massachusetts, I will be taking the stage at Meltdown, the River's family music and book bash in the afternoon.)

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jeff said...

I dig the Fairey reference... hadn't seen it before. nice website too!