Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sketchbook Saturday

The Someday Cafe was a great indie coffee house in the heart of Davis Sq in Somerville. It was a spot I would often frequent in my early post-college days in Boston. I would hunker down here with my sketchbook and dream of what it might be like to someday get published. And when I did get published, I sketched out the plans for some of my early books here. Unfortunately the Someday Cafe is gone, but it still holds the title of coolest-name-for-a-coffee-house-ever.


Andy J Smith illustration said...

I was JUST thinking of heading to Davis Square. Bummer that this coffee shop is gone. If I'm not using a paintbrush, I am usually working from a coffee shop! Anyways, your work is great and your promotion/website are an inspiration. Your Monkey Boy video is hilarious! I'll admit I have a huge bias for anything Pointer Sisters. Well done, sir. Continued success!

jjk said...

hi andy - thanks for your note! i love your work, too! i look forward to your next book!