Monday, April 07, 2008


The week before last week I had a great few days in my old stomping grounds. I spoke at great schools in Cambridge, had a great time with the good people at the Foundation for Children's Books and had a blast turning the Cambridge Public Library upside down. For those of you who are in Boston, definitely stay tuned to the Foundation for Children's Book's schedule. I wish I had known about this great program when I was in Boston. To hear a few clips of Pat Keough's insightful interview with me, listen here and here. It's just a snippet I recorded on my laptop. It's not the highest audio quality, but you'll get the idea of how cool their programs are.

When I spoke at the Cambridge Public Library, two literary superstars turned up. Amy Walrod and Timothy Basil Ering. They are both good pals whose work I admire very deeply. And when I came across their books for the first time years ago, I stopped dead in my tracks both times. That to me is the sign of a good picture book, I could do nothing more but ogle over the beautiful illustrations.

And while I still found no word of Little Joe Cook's whereabouts, when Daryl Mark librarian-super-srtar and I sat down for a bite to eat, his music played on the cafe's stereo.

Enjoy these pics of my mini-Boston tour.

This is how thorough Pat Keough was in her interview. Post-it notes throughout all of my books. I walked away knowing more about my work than I did going in!

The crowd at CPL.

w/ Daryl Mark

w/ Mr. TBE

A lesson in looking tough.

One of the coolest welcome signs ever.

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