Tuesday, January 29, 2008

puppy class

Ralph had his 2nd night of puppy class last night. Surprisingly enough, he's really good at being a puppy, but education is important, so we go. They love him there. He's a pretty smart dog. He now knows how to sit, how to retrieve things, when to go outside, and when we tell him to "go to his room", he runs to his crate. (We're still working on 'paint the fence' and 'sweep the leg'.) And he's getting big! Of course, he's still tiny compared to most your standard dog, but he's about twice the size of when we first brought him home.

And now that we have found rawhide, he doesn't terrorize me in the studio during the day.

Here's a picture of Ralph napping. I thought it would help bring things into perspective from the picture from when he first came home.

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