Thursday, December 06, 2007

Robert's Snow - the final countdown!

Bidding on "Jingle Pig ROCK!" is almost over!

The bidding closes on Friday at 5 PM (I believe that's Pacific Time). You, yes YOU can own this one of a kind Punk Farm original art piece and help raise money for the good work that the Dana-Farber does in their quest to find the cure for cancer.

Bid now, bid often, bid on many.... all of the final snowflakes can be found here:

And if you don't read the Fuse #8 blog, Betsy has a very fun report on the bidding. Look here for that.

In the meantime, put this video on and let it serve as inspiration to BID!

PS - I wrote about how I first got involved with people dealing with cancer here. I know the post is a few years old, but the sentiment is exactly the same.

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