Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pug in my pocket

Ralph Macchio likes to be held. (While I am talking about our dog, I'm sure the same does go for the actor...) Ralph keeps me company in my studio during the day, but it became problematic the other day when I was trying to paint and he demanded my attention. So I picked him up and put him on my lap and he put his head on my arm and fell asleep. But I suddenly realized that I needed both hands to get my work done. Hmmm. What to do? I unzipped my sweater and put him in. Maybe I should get a Baby Bjorn?

Man, I love this dog.

My laptop was in front of me because I was using it for photo reference. I opened up the Photobooth application and snapped these pics:


Anonymous said...

Nice background cabinet.

Laura said...

He is beyond adorable!!
And he stayed asleep while you zipped him in?

CW said...

Is it that cold in there?

jjk said...

Laura - he did stay asleep while he was in there.

Chad - No, it's not cold, but sometimes I leave my hat on.