Monday, November 05, 2007

PFoT Tour Update

Hey everyone! The tour is going very well so far. Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Delaware Book Festival and big ups to everyone who organized the event! G and I met a lot of cool authors of books from all sorts of genres.

After the weekend was up, I made my way down to DC. I had a quick meeting with Minh Le of Bottom Shelf Books and was off to spread the Punk Farm around the nation's capital. The first stop was at Tree Top Kids in McLean, VA. Now, remember how I was at a farm for a reading the other week? Well this event was the other half of Punk Farm. Liz over at Tree Top brought in a BAND for this event! After I read PF & PFoT, Rocknoceros rocked out while I signed books. There was an abundance of inflatable guitars on hand and plenty of rock-stars-in-training to practice their moves.

I may be asking my publisher to schedule bands at all of my public events. But I will have inflatable guitars at all of my Random House sponsored events this week and let me tell you - nothing says fun like inflatable guitars at a Punk Farm reading!

And if you do live near a Tree Top Kids store, I signed a ton of copies of PF & PFoT and the McLean location will be distributing them throughout all of their stores.

Here are some pictures from the events so far:

(OK, so one pic for now. I'll post some more when I
get them, be sure to check back here.)

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