Thursday, November 15, 2007

The "Get This Book" Series - geeking out edition

I've been waiting very patiently, but the 4th volume in the Scott Pilgrim series has just been published. If you just read that and said, "What's Scott Pilgrim?" Man - you are missing out! Written and illustrated by Bryan Lee O'malley and published by Oni Press, the Scott Pilgrim books are nothing short of brilliant. 23 year old Scott live in Toronto, is a bit of slacker and is in a band. He falls for a girl named Ramona and that's when things start to shake up. In order to date her, he needs to battle her 7 evil X-boyfriends. It's a comedy, drama, action-adventure story, video game, music video all in a comic book. If you're a fan of comics and all things awesome, I couldn't recomend this book series enough. Bryan has an extensive preview section here.

(Just an FYI - if you're a librarian serving the very young, these books have mature themes.)


erik said...

Hi, Jarrett--I met you at the Chicago Public Library's Bookmania event this last weekend, where I was excited by your OINK stickers, and picked up a copy of Punk Farm for Autumn. I've just discovered your blog, and now I'm even more excited to see your endorsement of Scott Pilgrim. My copy of vol. 4 just arrived, and I'm loving it.

jjk said...

Hey Erik- It was great to meet you! I'm still waiting from my Vol. 4 to be delivered! I'm in agony over here!!!!