Friday, September 07, 2007

spotty posting

Hey gang- Sorry I've been MIA lately. The wedding is FAST approaching (3 weeks from tomorrow!) and life is just getting hectic. I've been busy these days working on my next literary offering and preparing for the release of Punk Farm on Tour, which will be out SOON (1 month and 2 days!) I stopped by my pal Mark Lynch's radio show Inquiry a few days ago (look for that interview in the near future) and recorded a podcast with the good people over at Bright Horizons for their ultra-cool Virtual BookFair that is coming up.

Expect info soon on a full out Punk Farm on Tour Tour. For now, save these dates-

****please note revised dates***
Tuesday Oct. 23 6 PM Worcester, MA - B&N Lincoln Sq
Thursday Oct. 25 Natick, MA - Natick Organic Community Farm via Wellesley BookSmith
Saturday Nov. 3. Delaware Book Festival

And while the wedding is on my mind, I leave you with this...
...let's hope this doesn't happen to us!

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bright discussions said...

Bright Horizons does a lot with books. They review them and let parents know via a newsletter which ones they feature. By the way, you're link to bright horizons is broken. They must have taken down the page. Please feel free to continue the discussion at, a new forum supporting the bright horizons community.