Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ladies & gentlemen...boys & girls...(insert trumpet sound here)

Punk Farm on Tour is out in 3 weeks and counting....

In support of that, Punk Farm just launched a new website called

You can click from profile to profile of the Punk Farm fans and learn how characters got to the PF concert and what happened afterwards.

Check it out!

Some highlights of
There are 41 “friend” profiles (including Punk Farm’s);
* Each profile picture is an original painting, not ones lifted from the book.
* Each character is somewhere in the book at a show.
* If the character had his/her photo taken at the show, that is the profile image shown, a new painting made from the perspective of where the camera would be.

- Readers can download Punk Farm's new song - "The Wheels on the Van" for free.

- Readers can download coloring pages, IM icons, wallpapers and screen-savers.

- Readers can preview spreads of the book in the picture section of Punk Farm’s profile.

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