Monday, June 18, 2007

deadlines, working on projects, etc

Hey all-

I apologize for the lack of posting lately. I have been working on rough drafts and deadlines for new projects and preparations for the publication of this fall's Punk Farm on Tour. I'll be heading out on the road in November to give readings and signings up and down the Eastern seaboard - yes, it will be the Punk Farm on Tour Tour.

I have also been working on settling in to my new studio and home. Once the new studio is fully operational, I will be giving this blog much more attention.

ATTN: schools: G and I are planning school visits for the 07-08 school season. If you're interested in finding out more about what goes down in a JJK school visit, please click here for information and click here for pictures. To schedule a visit, you can e-mail Gina here - gina at studiojjk dot com. (That's internet jargon to protect her e-mail inbox from getting flooded with spam.)

Over and out for now!

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