Sunday, June 03, 2007

BEA recap

I had a great time at the Book Expo America conference. Thank you to everyone who came by to get an autographed copy of Punk Farm on Tour. It just got me pumped for the release of the book and now I need to wait another 4 months before that happens!

Too many shout-outs to too many people that I saw, spoke to and hung out with to list here. There were lots of familiar faces from book tours past, author/illustrator pals both old and new, editorial/publishing peeps and librarian/blogger friends for as as far as the eye could see.

I only wish that I could have stayed longer. And when I was at JFK airport for a 9 hour flight delay - I really wished that I had been able to stick around longer! Yes, a 9 hour delay for a 30 minute flight for a drive that takes about 4 hours. Good old Boston weather kept us at bay!

Oh well. I returned home safely and am now back in the studio working on my next top secret project...

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