Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The 'Get This Book' Series

I just put down Aaron Renier's Spiral-Bound and I have to tell you - it is INCREDIBLE! I stumbled upon it on the Top Shelf Comics website a few weeks back and made a blind purchase. I'm glad I did. This book is smart, funny and charming. In a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, our hero Turnip (an insecure elephant) lives in a small community that fears the monster suspected to live in the lake. Aaron Reiner gives us an animal indie band, a sculpture studio run by a whale and secret underground passageways that would make the Fraggles envious.

The pacing is pitch-perfect, I found that I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. And the design is outstanding. The book itself is even made to look like the spiral bound notebook that Ana (a head strong bunny) carries around. For those librarians out there who are starting to build their graphic novel collections, this is one all ages will appreciate.

This is Aaron's first book and I will now wait patiently to see what he delivers next!

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