Friday, March 02, 2007

Huntsville, Alabama's Great Big Book Bash

G & I had a great weekend last weekend down in Huntsville, Alabama at their Great Big Book Bash! It was a trip to have a whole weekend dedicated to my books. A big thank you to Stephenie Walker and everyone at the library for organizing such great events! More thank yous go out to all of the volunteers, teachers and readers who came out to support me at the GBBB!

Check out some photos of the weekend at my page

Here are some stand out photos. There were many amazing Bagheads on display, but I was really taken by the Robot Baghead! I've never seen a robot Baghead before...

Here's another first - I've never had cheerleaders warm up the crowd for me before! Something to think about for all you authors out there who do a lot of speaking...

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