Monday, January 22, 2007

painting walls

As I paint nearly every day, when it came time to paint the walls in my new house, I thought - EASY!

Well, it's actually the opposite of easy. It's a lot of work and it's time consuming! Here are some things that I've learned so far.... Those little contraptions that say that they will help you paint the line along the ceiling - they don't work. What they do is they get paint on your ceiling. The blue tape works much better. Except the thing with the blue tape is, if it's off by the smallest fraction of an inch, it's very noticeable when you're done painting and you peel the blue tape off.

I guess I'm just used to painting in a very messy manner. And the beauty of painting for print it is, that during the design stage, your paintings get cropped, allowing for a very clean edge.

Take the following for example -

What my painting looks like before cropping (on a very messy, paint splattered desk)

And after cropping...

Jeremy and Jamie, my good friends in Texas, own and run a mural and faux finishing company called Imago Dei. Now, I've been watching their business grown for years and have always admired the beauty of their work. They are creating works of art on walls, it really is jaw droppingly amazing. But it wasn't until I struggled to paint one room, one measly color that I could come to an even deeper appreciation and love for what they do. I for one, would not be able to do what they do. Check out their work here -

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