Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It's officially here!!!!!


is in book stores!!!

Today was a busy day! The two schools were a good test drive for the giant SLUG book. I'll be really strong by the end of this book tour! If you get out to an event, I think you will get a kick out of watching me try to manage a 2 foot by 3 foot book. My RISD talk went really well. Too many funny highlights for a tired illustrator to post right now. But I wanted to introduce "The SLUG count". Every time I read
My Buddy, Slug, I will put another stamp on this board. Kind of like old fashioned bomber planes that you would see in cartoons.


yucaree said...

yea! i have been waiting for this day ever since you announced the publication date ... i sent my son to school in his "my buddy, slug" shirt, so hopefully he will advertise it!

i went to my local barnes&noble just now and they didn't have it! i asked the guy to look it up for me and he said that it was classified as a text book for some reason, so they wouldn't be getting it in unless i special ordered it or more people asked for it. can you believe that?! i am now hoping to find it either at borders or i might order it online. i was sooo hoping to have it in my hands todays, so i'm disappointed. i'm now on a mission to find it!

if anyone has video of jarrett trying to manage his giant slug book, please post it!

good luck with the rest of your tour, jarrett!

annawritedraw said...

I was able to read Slug in the book store tonight before my crit group meeting.Slug is right. Orange is the new black. You had me laughing out loud.
Good luck,