Sunday, August 13, 2006

the JJK imposter

So apparently, there is a JJK imposter out there. People kept mentioning seeing or talking with me at the SCBWI Jade Ball - when in fact - I wasn't in attendance! But there was a guy who kind of looked like me and people kept coming up to him and complimenting him on my speech and movie...and he kindly accepted - as me. He also posed for photographs!

Well, well, well Mr. Fake JJK....I would be upset if that wasn't something that I would probably do myself! Are there any JJK imposter stories out there?


Laini said...

hahaha -- we spotted the fake you at the ball, but we could tell he was an imposter. However, we assumed YOU had hired him to impersonate you so you could go out and do whatever it is famous picture book writer/illustrators DO on Saturday nights. (true: the former dictator of Albania forced several men to get plastic surgery to be his body doubles and attend public functions in his place; after he died, they were left with his face and nowhere to turn!)

Also, I was just looking for your famous standing-ovation-inspiring film to post a link on my blog, but I can't find it. Is it somewhere on your site?

gloria estefan said...

Jarrett, I saw a photo of “you” and he's not even a slight match, in my opinion. What an odd thing. I'd freak out of someone did that to me!... unless of course she was a catch and scored a lot of good looking men who she could pass on… or maybe if she was really good at fund raising and gave me the money. Perhaps this mystery man scored some lady librarians for you. If this happened then I want a photo!

Congrats on the standing ovation! Good going. Will you be paying NY a visit anytime soon? Why on earth am I writing all of this on here?


r said...

All right. I may or may not have a vested interest in this. I may or may not have "seen" a photo of said faux JJK at the dance, too. If I have, then I just want to say I agree with Gloria Estefan/Meghan completely about there being no resemblance. I may have been mortified to realize this, later.


I just rewatched the Page By Page video, and it's worth noting: your hair and features look a little different there. From how you look now.

I'm just sayin'.

I'm sending you some pictures of your keynote next.

r (whom you don't know but may have met. as well as may have not met, as it were.)

nashy said...

I like the idea of pretending to be JJK. Think I'll try that one once you make it big over here in England

amy said...

I know exactly who you are talking about. I was going to tell you at the book signing party and I got distracted getting you to sign Jane's book for my sister (oh and thanks for that, she's still laughing). That guy was picking up ladies left and right pretending to be joke! Apparently ladies love jjk.-living the rock star life!