Thursday, June 29, 2006

a big THANK YOU to Carolina Charrie

Last winter, I placed Spanish translations of my books on my site - free to download and to paste into your books. Being that I don't know how to speak Spanish, I had a friend translate the text for me. But then a few months ago, Carolina Charrie wrote to let me know that the translations were WAY off. She had coincidentally been translating my books to her sons already. Understanding why I had made the effort, she volunteered to translate the text for me. They are now posted on-line under the book section. I can't thank Carolina enough! Because of her help, my books can now be appreciated by all Spanish speaking readers!

Check them out-

Buenas Noches, Monito

Cabeza de Bolsa

Piratas de BaƱera

Annie Fue Advertida

Max Presidente

La Granja Punk

¡Arre, Vaquerita!

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