Sunday, May 28, 2006

Art All State

I had an amazing weekend at Art All State this past weekend. I've been going to A.A.S. for a while now as an artist mentor and it just gets better and better every year. It's just such a great experience to reconnect with young artists. They are all finishing up their junior year of high school and they always remind me of what it was like to be an artist at that age - unsure on your direction, being excited to be around other artists and finding pure joy in creating because you don't get to do it all of the time.

This year's group was no exception to the many talented artists that come through. I was paired up once again with my amazing co-artist mentor Shoham and we led the kids through a very cool installation - which was derived fully from their ideas. Here is the video that we created to document their experience (which was in the end played on the TV that is a part of the piece).

Studio 5 UP 4-life, people.

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sharon said...

gosh those kids are ridiculously talented.

<3 sharona