Friday, April 07, 2006


As one could imagine – yesterday was a crazy day for me. The news officially broke that Dreamworks Animation has acquired the rights to develop and produce an animated CG film based on Punk Farm. It made the cover of Variety!

Thank you everyone for the messages, phone calls – everything! It all started at 8:30 in the morning when my phone rang and it was my old college buddy Steve (who had gotten a call from our friend Sean – who had read about it on The e-mails and phone calls of support didn’t stop until late in the evening. There were a lot of "Whoa's", "Woo Hoo's" and other "W" words as well as a lot of exclamation points and words in ALL CAPS!!!

I am truly a lucky man. Not just because of the great news but because of the amazingly supportive family that I have and because of all of the great friends that I’ve been able to surround myself by in life.

In the midst of this activity yesterday, I received a package from my friends down in Texas – J and Tendel. They wanted to share with me the goodie bag that had been given away at Isaiah’s 5th birthday party. Included was a CD of family friendly punk music. I listened to the CD as I ate lunch. And then, to my surprise, the last track wasn’t a song, but Isaiah reading Punk Farm.

It made everything that I’ve been working towards so worth it. And it will serve as a reminder to me as to what is real and important.

To listen to Isaiah reading Punk Farm, click here.


matt said...

Hey, Jarrett! Congratulations on the movie! That is pretty darn cool!



Sweet Pea said...

Congratulations! That must be so exciting for you - well done!

yucaree said...

that is way too cool about the movie -- i can't wait for its release! i'm off to read up about it.

and, um, how cute is isaiah reading "punk farm"?! too cute!

p.s. what kind of family-friendly punk songs were on the cd? i'm very curious as i'd like my kids to listen to punk too. :)

Sarah Nash said...

That child reading Punk Farm is the cutest thing I have ever heard!

Congratulations, Jarrett! We are all eagerly awaiting the movie - my kids think they're going to get to see it next weekend. So let's get a move on! ;)

nora said...

just checked all your books out of the library. things that make me smile about these books:

i recognize the names of people who took your picture (oh the pictures i have of young ali baghai)

dinosaur nugget pizza :)

shout outs to hitw and green unit.

with great admiration,
green 13, 1994