Monday, February 06, 2006

the NEW

It's finished! (Well, 99% of it is at least.) There's a ton of new stuff on there, which I'll outline below, but somewhere on the site is the most embarrassing photo ever taken of me. Yes – my student ID from my freshman year of high school. But it's hidden – and hidden well! Odds are, you won't find it, but good luck!

BOOKS – In the new book section you can now download Spanish translations of my books. For those of you who teach Spanish speaking students, simply print the translations and then cut and paste them into your books. (If you notice any glaring grammar problems, feel free to correct me.) Big thanks to my mom, Jose Torres, Issha Ortiz and Jimmy Guity for their help!

ABOUT – The about section is restructured. If you loved the fake bio, you'll love the faker bio.

STORE – Aside from ordering books, you can order buttons and posters now, too.

FREE STUFF – Tons of stuff here. Aside from everything that was already there, you can now download characters to your mobile phone. You can download images to iron on T-shirts and also download images to your Playstation Portable.

To fully experience the site, your screen should be set to a minimum of 1024 X 768. Many thanks go to my nephew Griffin Boyle (Happy Birthday!) and good friend Jen Bailey for their voice talents.

I hope you enjoy it!


Jared Chapman said...

The new site is fantastic! I've visited several times and have sent people there to have a look for themselves. We all agree, you're awesome.


jjk said...

cool man- thanks for spreading the word! and for the props!