Thursday, March 11, 2021

Comics Classes for Spring 2021

I have been having an absolute blast with my weekly art courses. They are a highlight of my week! They very much remind me of the  classes that I took as a young artist—an opportunity to commune with like-minded peers, hone craft, and learn from one another!  I am releasing the schedule for my spring 2021 classes below. Hope you can join us!


Weekly one-hour meetings and tutorials from New York Times-bestselling author Jarrett J. Krosoczka! This program will run for eight sessions, PLUS students will upload their comics and work to a Google Classroom in-between meetings so that Jarrett and peers can offer encouragement!

In this course, Jarrett builds community amongst cartoonist peers, gives weekly lessons, and assigns work that builds on itself to lead students to understand the creative process of writing and illustrating their own graphic novels.

These classes happen over Zoom Webinar. Students may elect to participate in a number of ways including voice only, voice and camera, the chat function, the Q&A portal, polls, and uploading work via Google Classroom. It is 100% up to their comfort level. Each course is limited to twenty students.


For 7-12 year-olds who
are new to the class:




For 7-12 year-old cartoonists
who are returning:


For adults who want to make their 

own comics or understand the format better!



"My son created a portfolio of pages and pages of drawings that clearly demonstrated his progress and passion for art. He is now a budding cartoonist with a new interest to occupy his time at home." 
—Michelle, parent in Massachusetts 

"It was really nice to be able to get advice straight from someone who's been doing this for so long - there were a lot of small throw-outs that we got from this that wouldn't be in something like a book; they have to come from someone who's been doing this for years."

"Since the lockdown began, and my children’s world abruptly contracted, new role models emerged and filled the gaps. Jarrett Krosoczka is one of those creative heroes that we have relied on to get us through this time." 
— Chelsea, parent in Massachusetts

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