Saturday, July 06, 2019

Recording Hey, Kiddo

‪Cat’s out of the bag! (Or Camel is out of the pack...) Jeanne Birdsall voices my grandmother, Shirley, in the HEY, KIDDO audiobook!‬

‪Jaiden Meltzer, the young actor who is reading as middle-school Jarrett, is laying down the tracks for the HEY, KIDDO audiobook. ‬

‪Chills! ‬

Voicing my grandfather in the HEY, KIDDO audiobook is Richard Ferrone. He has appeared on and Off-Broadway and in theaters across the country. His TV appearances include Law & Order, Against the Law, Guiding Light, and One Life to Live (a fact that would THRILL Shirley), and Richard has narrated more audiobooks than you could count.
Voicing my mother, Leslie, is Jenna Laima. Jenna is also a renowned Audio Book narrator and has won the Audie award for the best female narrator of the year. If you saw THE FIGHTER with Mark Wahlberg, you saw Jenna as one of the judgmental sisters with some choice words for Amy Adams’s character.

‪I visited my grandmother’s best friend, Peggy. Peggy is in her early 90s and has lost the majority of her eyesight. Much to my surprise, she took a magnifying glass to HEY, KIDDO and read it over 3 weeks. “Shirley would have loved it.” My heart is full. ‬

‪I was waiting on the audiobook to present it to Peggy. But I’m so glad that she was able to see the pictures and visit with her old friend, Shirl. (Peggy especially thought the cursing was spot-on.)‬

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