Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Skelton flamingos and Lunch Lady pumpkins

We are feeling incredibly grateful here in the Krosoczka house to be celebrating Halloween this evening. The hurricane's fury avoided us completely. Our hearts go out to all of the folks in the affected areas. And I feel lucky to even be home. I had been in Austin for the Texas Book Festival. I had already canceled Sunday's appearances, but was scheduled on a flight out on Sunday morning. On Saturday afternoon, while signing books with Dav Pilkey, Lisa McMann and Mac Barnett, I glanced at my phone and saw that Massachusetts was in a state of emergency. I took off to pack my bags and head to the airport and got on the last flight of the evening. Sadly, many of my Northeast author friends are still stuck in Austin. Not a bad city to be stuck in, but I would far rather be home with my kids. Not only to shelter them from the storm, but to decorate pumpkins like this:

My three year old drew this. So proud!

And with the storm behind us, the yard decorations are back out on display:

Not only to I feel fortunate to have my house in order, I feel so lucky that folks like my work enough to use my characters as inspiration for their Halloween celebrations. Check out the awesome Nash family below! I had to pick myself up off the floor when I saw how they decked themselves out for their Halloween shenanigans.

And remember Lunch Lady super fan who drew this awesome comic? Her librarian sent in this photo of her storytime pumpkin!

And this morning, third grade teacher Kerry Ciccone tweeted this photo to me:

And that's not to mention that her son made this awesome project for his literacy parade project!

If you are celebrating Halloween and using any of my characters, I am so incredibly honored! And I would love to see your creativity in action! Please email them to me (props at or Tweet or Facebook them to me!


Laura Lintz, who shares the same initials as Lunch Lady, sent in this awesome picture from the Arlington Library!

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