Tuesday, August 29, 2006

acceptance speech

The 'Hot Men of Children's Literature' is an ongoing series on the Fuse#8 blog, a blog about children's lit by Betsy, a librarian in the New York City public library system. It's kind of like TRL or Tiger Beat, but for librarians, editors and authors. I was so honored to have recently been chosen. The following is my acceptance speech.

(walks up to podium. takes trophy in hand.)
Wow. (wipes brow) What an honor. (applause subsides) I'd like to thank everyone who texted, emailed, and phoned in their votes. But I'd really like to thank Mo Willems most of all. Mo, thank you for believing in me and knowing that I, too, could one day be a Hot Man of Children's Literature. It is through Mo's pursuance that I am lucky enough to be included on such a fine, fine list. While Mo has been oh so humble as to want to remain anonymous in his "nomination", I can only hope to live up to his expectations by submitting a monthly photo of myself to the Fuse blog, so that I can maintain my status.

(holds up statue) Mo, this is for you, buddy!

(music kicks in. escorted off stage by models.)


Tarie Sabido said...

I found out about you from/through that Hot Men of Children's Literature list. Thank goodness for that list. Now I know to check out your work. =D

yucaree said...

congrats on being a "hot man of children's literature"! although i can't imagine why mo willems would want you to suffer for 6 months as a probationary hot man when you're quite the cutie-patootie already!

looking forward to your monthly picture on fuse #8. :)

btw, thanks for the link to fuse #8; i'm so enjoying reading her reviews and insights into the children's literature world.

Emily said...

I'm sure it's an honor but I had no idea such a list existed in the real world, you know, outside of my head. I feel kinda icky about it now, knowing that one actually exists.

I wish there were somewhere I could go to wash my brain. I fear a shower wouldn't quite cut it.