Thursday, June 13, 2019

One Book, One Region

“Seventeen years ago, when the ‘One Book, One Region Eastern Connecticut’ series started, few folks probably believed that, at some point, the honor would go to a graphic novel.”
So wild to think that everyone in this community will be reading HEY, KIDDO. I so look forward to talking at Connecticut College on September 17th!

An Amazing Year

I have spent the school year drawing with the most imaginative young artists all across the country. They never cease to amaze me. And I always smile ear to ear whenever I get their fun creations in the mail!
I am consistently awestruck by all of the hard work that librarians put into engaging their young readers. Thank you all who hosted me this past academic year!

Best Friends Day

Happy #BestFriendsDay! Here is a pic of Lunch Lady and Betty when they visited NYC back in 2010.

Thanks, Lynn!

The last time I visited Lynn Frazier’s school, it was the fall of 2001, and my first book had just been published. It was one of the first school visits I ever had—Lynn’s best friend is the mom of kids who had been my campers at Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Lynn’s enthusiasm is as unbridled as ever, and I’m so inspired by what she’s doing for her students!

Live Reading

Thank you all for coming out to the live reading! It was an absolute privilege and joy to share the stage with this talented crew. We were all so very touched by the audience getting on their feet at the end—such a great experience from start to finish!

“Ja” rhymes with “yeah.”
I appreciate Lisa Yee’s dedication to craft!
Also, she did a killer job at the reading the other night...

Creative Galaxy

Season 3 of Creative Galaxy is here! I served as Art Consultant and made an on-air appearance, teaching kids how to explore art museums. 

Streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

2019 Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards

Totally surprised, extremely honored! Thank you,The Horn Book and The Boston Globe, for recognizing HEY, KIDDO.