Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Book Report

Just about every week, I’m on SiriusXM Kids Place Live recommending books to kids and their grown-ups.
If you didn’t know, all of my past episodes are archived here.

Thank you!

I am thankful for this journey with HEY, KIDDO. And thankful for the art and stories young people share with me. So often, teachers are asking me what they can do for their kids in these situations. Listen. That’s what they need so desperately. To be heard.

 I love that technology offers me the opportunity to connect with young readers and artists via virtual school visits. Thank you for hosting me and for stopping by my studio, Clear Spring Elementary! 

The ENERGY of 1,200 third-fifth graders at Virginia Festival of the Book! 


Jedi Academy: Revenge of the Sis will be here in a few days. March 26!

Get to know Christina Starspeeder better as she takes center stage in the next Jedi Academy book! Revenge of the Sis is a collaboration between Amy Ignatow and me. I am so very excited for you to read it!

You'll also meet Jedi Master Skia-Ro in REVENGE OF THE SIS!