Thursday, November 29, 2018

Holiday Etsy Orders!

I’ll have a small window to give my Etsy shop a reprise! So I’ll take orders now and then execute and ship them in a few weeks: 

When you order, please see the instructions that will come in the auto-reply. My studio assistant, Sam, will help you from there! Thanks!

Annual Sketch-a-Thon!

I’ll be LIVE in the studio for five hours drawing my heart out to raise money for art education. Please mark your calendars for December 12. I’ll stream this here at and also (hopefully) at All of the art that I make will be immediately put up on eBay for auction. And perhaps some of my illustrative neighbors will pop in, too!

Hey, Kiddo in Chicago

I was in Chicago for HEY, KIDDO book tour. And you damn well better believe I was wearing my National Book Awards Finalist medal!

That thing where you are up late at the National Book Award Gala in NYC but you have a previously scheduled visit to schools and libraries in Chicago, so you wake up super early and fly out there, you get to the school, set up & there’s a fire alarm. And it’s snowing. 

Thank you, firefighters!! 🔥

National Book Award Photos

What a night! My book will forever have a silver sticker on its cover, and I’ll forever have this love on my arm. Thrilled to be a part of this whole thing that is the National Book Awards. What an exhilarating couple of days. Thank you all for the love and support!

SO many congratulations to Elizabeth Acevedo! Her POET X is brilliant, as is she. Her speech was moving and inspiring—which should come as no surprise to anyone who has had the opportunity to hear her. So if you have yet to read POET X—get on that!

It’s in the details! My editor, David Levithan, and art director, Phil Falco, surprised me with touches of burnt orange. David with his tie and cummerbund, Phil with his pocket square and socks. (Plus, Phil’s tux was navy blue.) Pure book love and support. 

In the fall of 1999, when I was schlepping my portfolio around to publishers, I wandered into Books Of Wonder. What hope it gave me. I signed a few books for them at last night’s event for the National Book Award Finalists…

From readings in hallowed venues all across to a celebration at Scholastic to the red carpet. WOW! What a trip to be a National Book Award Finalist. Here are a whole mess of photos from my experience. Honored to be there with Leslie, Tobin, Eugene, Liz, and CPC.


Amy Ignatow and I made a Star Wars!
Jedi Academy: Revenge of the Sis will publish on March 26th!

Amy Ignatow is one of the very funniest people in the galaxy. SO excited to be her copilot as I jump into a new Jedi Academy story arc.

Christina Starspeeder is ready for her spotlight! Cover reveal for REVENGE OF THE SIS over on Comics Beat. 

New York Public Library!

An amazing opportunity—Instagram invited us to a private event at the New York Public Library while it was closed. Here are some of my photos: