Monday, December 10, 2007

The Punk Farm Raffle

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, CATTLE AND FOWL - PRESENTING (insert drum roll here) - The Punk Farm Raffle!"What is the Punk Farm Raffle?" you ask? The Punk Farm Raffle is an on-line raffle of original Punk Farm paintings to benefit the Central Massachussets Arts Assembly and to defray the costs of recording the original Punk Farm music.

You see, when I get the Punk Farm music recorded, my friend Scott Cambot puts the band together and records the music for me. To thank him and the musicians, I am raising money for an organization that is very important to Scott and I'm using a portion of the proceeds to pay the musicians. This ensures that there will be more Punk Farm music in the future and that I can continue to give it away for free.

Here's how it works - individuals purchase a $5 raffle ticket for the character painting that they would like to win. Their name and address will be placed on an index card, put into a jar and winners will be drawn at random. The winners of each painting will be drawn and announced at, LIVE VIA VIDEO (Maybe not in real time, but a video nonetheless!)on December 19, 2007.The winners will receive the original paintings shortly thereafter!

What can you win? You could win any of the following paintings. Each painting is 11" x 14", acrylic on masonite.

Get in on the fun at!

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